A 21st Century Vision for America" is a document that describes our country as most Americans would want it to be. It envisions an America that cares about people, protects our rights, provides opportunity for all, nurtures its lands and waterways, and serves as a good global citizen. This America serves as a beacon and model to the rest of the world, reminding everyone of what is possible when people of good will come together to do what is right.
Defining America

Vision for America - Peace and Prosperity for All

Inalienable and Constitutional Rights

An Economy that Creates Jobs and Pays a Living Wage

Healthcare for All

Making High-Quality Education Available and Affordable

Elections We Can Trust AND Easy Voting

Equal Protection Under the Law

Criminal Justice Reform

A Safety Net that Works

Respect for Life

Women’s Rights

Promoting Global Stability with Good Foreign Policy

War and Peace

Keeping Americans Safe from Terrorism, Foreign and Domestic

Immigration Reform

Environment: Clean Air and Water; Protecting our Natural Heritage

Science: Foundation for Good Policy and Human Welfare

Government that Works for the People

Taxes that Make Sense

Protecting American Consumers

Political Parties that Put America First.

Religious Freedom

Balancing Gun Ownership with Public Safety

Improving Relations with Native Americans


Why this document?

Note to the Reader

Defining America

Today, there seems to be some consensus that we want an America where “…everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does his or her fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules.”1 That kind of America:

It’s an America that cares about people, nurtures its lands and waterways, and serves as a good global citizen. That America serves as a beacon and model for the rest of the world, reminding everyone of what is possible when people of good will come together to do what is right.

This document attempts to describe that America. Our rights and freedoms, and the workings of government with respect to criminal justice, the economy, consumer protections, the environment, and much more are all described in sufficient detail that a picture emerges of an America that every one of us can be proud of.

Each of over 20 topics starts with a brief description of context and then breaks into a series of bulleted statements. Each statement describes what we hope for in our country. This document is aspirational; much of what is described does not yet exist. It creates a vision of a possible future. All statements are phrased as if that future is already a reality so that we can more easily imagine the America we all want.

This document is not complete; it leaves room for expansion and detail. As we fill in that space, our vision for America will become more clear, and from that, we should gain better insights on how to move forward.

As you read this document, you may find that you disagree with some statements. That’s to be expected. What may surprise you is how much of this document resonates with your own principles, and this is what gives us hope. Most people will agree with most of this vision for America. So, focus on what you can accept. If we choose to work together where we agree, in time we will find a way to resolve our differences.

As an individual, please send us your suggestions on how to improve this document. As a defined group, consider adopting this vision document as your guide, or creating one of your own based on this one. Then start thinking about how we can meet these goals, and let us know what you have planned.

We all want a better America. Let’s turn this vision into a reality.

We can do this.

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Vision for America Pages

Jimmy Dore

[Stadium chants in unision] JIMMY! JIMMY! JIMMY!

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Pledge to reduce plastic waste

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Restoring wolves nationwide: a campaign by Center for Biological Diversity

Sunrise Movement

For the first time in our lives, we have a fighting chance to stop climate change.

Justice Democrats

Let's rebuild a Democratic Party that fights for a clear progressive vision.

Save bees!

One in every three bites of food we eat depends on bees and other pollinators.

Our Revolution

Campaigns end. Revolutions endure.


350 is the most important number in the world. It's the safe line for our global climate and a start line for a global movement.

Jim Carrey's vision for America

Art and visionary messages by Jim Carrey.

Bernie Sander's Vision for America

Bernie Sander's Vision for a Socialist America


An action plan to kick out lawmakers beholden to the gun lobby.

21st Century Vision for America

A 21st Century Vision for America: Guiding Principles for a Great Nation

Brand New Congress

It's time for a Brand New Congress

Indivisible Guide

We’re not the leaders of this movement: you are.

Fight for 15

1,000s of workers. 100s of cities. 1 movement. $15 and a union.


Join the Movement for a People's Party! The country is beyond ready for a new nationally viable progressive party.


Fighting for a fair future: We are proud to step up the fight for immigrant rights, affordable health care, and core American values — as NextGen America.


Healthy lands, healthy bodies equals a strong nation. It's time to move beyond meat and towards a sustainable (and tasty!) future.

Saving Capitalism

Robert Reich examines America’s fragile democracy and its fight for survival; as income and wealth go to the top, more Americans are left behind. Now it’s up to those ordinary Americans to change the rules.

The Green Plate

The road to a better you -- and better nation -- starts on your plate.


The benefits of public wildlands, explained

Time for Action

Gov. Jay Inslee: It's time for action on climate change

Jeremy Rifkin

Economist Jeremy Rifkin presents an inspiring vision the future and hopeful narrative for the human race.

Vision for America

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"What kind of country do we wish America could become? And how might we get there?"

Vision for America is being built to answer those questions. This is a platform for visionary ideas and voices, a plan to create a collective vision for the nation's future. The first step is sharing voices and inspirational messages -- defining the future we want. Everyone is invited to help create what can become a physical representation of this collective idea, and become involved in helping implement it. For more about this effort please see VisionForAmerica.org and get involved!

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Site update: WhaWhat?! Google Youtube has Donal--hold on a minute--yes--Donald J. Trump as the top vision for America video. Here it is:

This is rather interesting because for all rational thinking human beings (which let's face it: is less than half of the population) Donald J Trump represents the very worst in what "vision for America" should ever mean. Few few people on the planet are bad as this guy, yet somehow, top spot in YouTube. Compounding all matters vision, there is another one:

There must be a glitch in the matrix. Most certainly a glitch in the development of this site, despite perhaps making a somewhat decent contribution towards materializing the 'vision', if you will, is completely missing the scoring system, which is the core how to build the actual Platform. As such, the site will continue to hold all the wonderful content you have loved over the years, and maybe someday you can like and subscribe--but not now! Keep scrolling for more, if you must. More updates, perhaps daily! -earthwaves


Not Completely United States: California adds five states to list of places where state-funded travel is banned


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