Vision for America is a citizen platform for voices and ideas, a plan to create a collective vision for the nation's future. This is a call for real democracy. The first step is sharing voices and inspirational messages our future. Everyone is invited to help create what can become a physical representation of this collective idea, and become involved in helping implement it. For more about this effort please see and get involved!

Your voice matters! Write an article or essay for what YOUR vision for America is. Share your art or poem, help promote efforts and organizations that are working for a better country, or start your own. Everyone is invited to join in... to become a movement for citizen voices. This is a call for real democracy, a community of citizens who value ideas over ideology. This is a call for your involvement in helping define and create the future we want. ( was started in 2003 by Ben Mater.)

Voices and solutions for the nation


Hyperloop: a vision for the future.

Become a citizen co-sponsor of Medicare-for-all bill

We Are Still In

Open letter to the international community and parties to the Paris Agreement from U.S. state, local, and business leaders

The GOP has a vision for government, but not America

The GOP has a vision for government, but not America

Dear Democrats: You Are A Minority

Dear Democrats: You Are A Minority

The Problem With Participatory Democracy

The Problem With Participatory Democracy Is the Participants

Centrist Democrats need a compelling vision for America

Donald Trump Is Proving Too Stupid to Be President -- He may not be capable of carrying out his duties as president.

Centrist Democrats need a compelling vision for America

Centrist Democrats need a compelling vision for America

Trump’s Climate-Change Sociopathy

President Donald Trump's withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement is not just dangerous for the world; it is also sociopathic.

Unlocking Our Unlimited Ability

Be a part of Resistance Summer.

Unlocking Our Unlimited Ability

Unlocking Our Unlimited Ability: Vision for America

Trump Presiding Over the Most Precipitous Decline in History

Trump Is on His Way to Presiding Over the Most Precipitous Decline of a Truly Dominant Power in History.

Run For Office

Have you ever thought about running for office, or know someone who should? Here are the tools, skills, and knowledge you'll need.

Donald Trump is not OK

You Will Never Get Your Country Back

Donald Trump is not OK

It's Time to Admit Things Are Not OK -- We're rewarding politicians for bad behavior and disregarding basic human decency.

The FCC has a plan to destroy net neutrality. It’s up to us to stop it.

NYT Review: ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Will Make You Rethink Race

An Inclusive Vision for the Next 100 Years of Conservation and Stewardship in America

We have a problem with Stuff: we have too much of it, too much of it is toxic and we don’t share it very well. But that’s not the way things have to be.

Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050

How do we define America?

How do we define America?

Our Dishonest President

LA Times: Our Dishonest President. "Nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this train wreck."

A New Vision For America

STOP THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE: Tell your bank: water is life.

A New Vision For America

My vision for America (CNN iReport)

A New Vision For America

A New Vision For America: What made America great was a culture of mutual trust and respect

Lee Camp's vision for America

Lee Camp's vision for America will not be redacted.

Trump's immoral vision for America

St. Lewis Post-Dispatch: Trump’s blueprint for America is repellent and immoral. It cannot stand.

Artful activism for America.

Backbone Campaign: Artful activism for change across America.

Breaking the cowspiracy silence

Cowspiracy: Breaking the silence on the most important issue to stop climate change and destruction of the planet.

March for Science

"Science isn’t Democrat or Republican, and it doesn’t care about your gender, race, creed, religion, or national origin."

Your Vision for America by Monique Ruffin

Your Vision for America by Monique Ruffin

"Take a moment and consider what your vision for this nation is."

Kenneth Mejia for Congress (CA)

"I'm not a politician, just a compassionate and motivated human being trying to change the world."

Dave Born

Inspiring designs and visionary messages by designer Dave Born.


"It’s time to claim our sovereignty as individuals and forge our freedom once again." Read author Valerie Gilbert's new post!

Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen.

Dorothy Gasque – Candidate for US Congress (WA)

A shared vision for America

Heal Our Country: A shared vision for America by Joseph Bogdan

Bernie Sander's Vision for America

Bernie Sander's Vision for America

Before the Flood

Before the Flood

The science is clear. The future isn't.

Netflix's 13th Documentary

Netflix's "13th" Documentary Exposes Modern Slavery in America

Green As Kermit by Valerie Gilbert


Or Why I Am Green As Kermit by Valerie Gilbert

Native Americans and our Constitution are under assault


Native Americans and our Constitution are under assault

Shailene Woodley: The Truth About My Arrest

Shailene Woodley: The Truth About My Arrest

Al Sharpton's vision for honest debates


Gasland Part 2

Gasland is sparking a movement to end dangerous fracking

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This is a movement to inspire a community-created vision for the nation, and build a platform for all voices. We are beginning with offering a page for all citizens to share ideas for the future we want. Join in!. Learn more about this effort at

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People's Defense
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Vision for America is providing the above links not as explicit endorsement but for the sake of democracy and hearing all voices. Maybe we can find there isn’t such divide in our nation after all we take some time to actively listen and find common ground. THAT is a vision for America.

What's your vision for the nation?


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Writings and comments about Vision for America and the effort to bring real democracy to the nation by founder Ben Mater

"I believe this effort is important. Even in this early (really proof of concept) phase. If you web search for “vision for America” what you’ll most likely find is a mix of news articles, some about our current president, some about the president from the 1980s (for some odd reason is a top scoring page). But (despite being censored by Google—tho that is changing by the day) there’s a chance you’ll find this site. Instead of it being about the ‘vision’ of a politician, you’ll find it’s about the voice of citizens. Yes, some will be from those in politics. But this is an idea to let ideas rise over ideology. To give voice to anyone who wants to speak. I think this can be powerful, empowering. I think this can change our destiny from being controlled by political parties to being put in the hands of the people. Our hands. Of course…. it’ll take a LOT of people to rise to the level of power that creates power. But on this very digital thingy we’re using to chat and comment… a lot can happen, quickly. Winters have become on fire. And spring is in the air. Change is in the air. Anything is possible… if we choose it. I know there’s a very good chance that nobody will choose to even listen to my idea. Perhaps one idea to listen to me, is if I listen to you. Maybe we’ll find a lot more common ground, and we can discover that much more can be accomplished if we work together. It’s good that we don’t agree on everything! Diversity in ideas, diversity in actions lead to many more things become accomplished.. But we can’t let a few issues divide us, keep us from making progress towards a collective vision. This site is about creating that collective vision. And we need vision. Otherwise, if we keep our heads down, we’ll just wind up walking in circles, getting no where. We need to blaze new trails. New ways of doing things. Because our future is a stake. We are in this mess because citizens have been excluded for far too long. It’s time we take control of our destiny. It’s time WE declare what the vision for America is. It’s time for a revolution, like this song says. -Ben Mater, Founder


Vision for America is an idea for all citizens to take part in, to have a voice in our collective decisions, to establish real democracy. Ideas must overcome ideology. It is time for citizens to take responsibility for our future and become involved in our nation's destiny.

Vision for America as an open-source styled political platform

The most tantalizing aspect of this effort is help break the two-party death grip on democracy. As the founders of the nation warned, political parties are a threat to the nation. You need no better example than to look at the legacy of the Democrats and Republicans. Perhaps the most powerful vision for America is to be free of political parties completely and let ideas and voices stand on their own. Think about the costs associated with such collective power in the hands of just a few groups. Think about the freedom you must give up by joining a party. Think of the horrors “political parties” have inflicted upon the human race. Political parties are the enemy of humanity, the bottleneck holding back a flourishing future.

As we collective march along on this path of corruption, keep in mind the foundation for the nation was created in the age of candles and lanterns. The very form of “representative government” — having others do the voting for you — made sense when you could count the horsepower of your vehicle by the number of horses you had pulling your wagon! We can no longer continue to outsource democracy to those who put their political party ahead of the nation.

Vision for America is a way for citizens to have their voice heard. A way to collectively define what our values without corrupt political parties and a few shallow-minded corporations. Good people must rise to the challenge! Remember: those that are greedy are also stupid and easily beat! They will always be several steps behind, no matter how much money they think they have. Their vision is narrow, bent, short-sighted. They will lose. Democracy and freedom will win. All our problems stem from the decision-making process being held in the hand of a few.

Vision for America model: Citizen Platform + Initiatives

The base value of what a community-created vision can offer is unlimited. Every step taken today unlocks a new future. By putting into physical from, we are willful creators of our own destiny. We are both the particle and wave. We are the past, present and future. Collectively we are actors of a play we are creating every day. By simply becoming aware of this amazing ability, by observing it in the many reflections of modern communications, we can create just about anything. The planet we exist on gives us amazing resources to accomplish our goals. But because of the greed of a very small few, this planet is at risk. The fate of humanity as we know it risks destruction and despair. The good news: change can happen like never before and the rules of what "is" and what "can be" do not exist except in our own minds. The fate of the world can be changed by just a few people. To reach a few people we just need a few more people. Is the act of observation the key to changing reality? Perhaps what we are learning from the quantum world can be a guide.

What if the "vision for America" could be looked at in physical form? What if everyone had a chance to help create our own destiny? Can we finally be free from the scum of those in political parties and short-sight corporations? Remember: it is WE the people who give them the power. They are nothing without us. WE the people have the power! THAT is the vision for the future of this nation.

The media got us into this mess, and will not get us out

It's rather odd watching Trump go after the MSM which despite a few surface disagreements (crowd sizes etc) really is working in concert with nation's power brokers of wall street, coal/oil, war (i.e. NBC owned by GE). CNN et al GAVE TRUMP THE PRESIDENCY with their nonstop coverage of his rallies, billions of free advertising, helping legitimize his campaign (and limit any third party or progressive voices i.e. Sanders). Anytime Trump wants to start a war, the MSM will have his back, gladly put the parade of generals on, limit any opposing views. The CIA put a lot of hard work and hard-earned drug-smuggling money to buy out almost all the major networks and/or have their planted agents/anchors/actors/MKultras to do their bidding. This is how the system has been built for decades, and the plan has worked: America is far removed from being a democracy, and may never be one again as there is enough wealth for just enough people to keep the system in place. People are rather easily bought off, or silenced. BUT something new that has never happened history is now happening: large scale communication among citizens. These are only the beginning years of a new age in humanity where knowledge is the new power. What might have taken years can happen in days. Hours. Minutes.

Whatever damage Trump creates now will be undone, and the pendulum will swing back. TRUTH is the new power, the center for nation. The majority of Republicans and a good portion of Democrats will try to keep TRUTH from the people, continue their grab of power and money, but their game isn't working quite as well. The question is, can the people of the nation be objective in their own values, question not the "opposition" but ourselves. Can we approach discussion not with the intention of persuading the other side, but with the intention of understanding why the other side feels how they do. I believe a mass majority agrees on the major issues we face: we need fair economics and valid science. We need real democracy. The system of "representative democracy" was formed the age when we travelled on horseback and wagons.

The average citizen is FAR MORE INFORMED AND RATIONAL than a majority of those in Congress. A look at how things are going at town halls are an indication that it's time for a change. That Trump was elected is the symptom of the problem. His game was known and on full display for years, yet a quarter of the nation had enough with the status quo and truly wanted to "drain the swamp." Trump played their song, did his dance, selling talking points like salt water to the thirsty. But now that the first few swallows have gone down, the consequences are beginning. IT IS TIME we realize that there is no "left", no "right". Those are artificial divides, art of war tactics. Just as we have a mix of backgrounds in this ethnic melting pot, we can have a mix of values, yet still function and flourish as a nation. We must now find a way to flourish “politically.” Or more to point: we must find a way to govern without politics and the poison that the founders of the nation warned about: the influence of political parties.

Donald Trump is a symptom of this poisoned well. He was a Democrat before he was a Republican. The MSM realizes this and thrives off chaos he creates.

Media news outlets:

Huffington Post | New York Times | Washington Post | MSNBC | FOX News |ABC News | CBS News | Google News | Bing News | Bloomburg | USA Today | BuzzFeed | Yahoo News | Slate | Newsweek | Time | Daily Beast | The Intercept | The New Yorker

The biggest threat to American democracy is the control of major news networks by a few corporations that have no interest in honest dialog and where that would lead. Here's how to beat them.


RE: Google Censorship of Vision for America

After being a top site in Google search for “vision for America”, at some point in the summer of 2016 Google had removed this site (as well as the .org) drastically from results. For nearly 15 years the sites had been on the top page, typically ranging in the top 5, rarely lower than number 8. Then it was gone. As Google was have found to be altering searches to help benefit the Hillary Clinton campaign, it may be likely something was done to keep the public away from this site which had Bernie Sanders in a top position on the home page. The page also had banners/links to Hillary’s site, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and in the name of democracy and sharing voices, Donald J. Trump was featured as well. The site had a redesign away from WordPress around March, but still was a top site at least through June. What happened? The Hillary press office was contacted for a request for an interview on May 25th. Sans having access to Google’s servers, there isn’t much evidence that can directly link the Clinton campaign to requests for censorship, but in light of Google censoring searches to benefit the corporate state, and that almost nothing had changed on the site itself to seemingly cause a complete drop in results… something is wrong at Google.

After some direct (albeit frustrated) tweets to @Google in April 2017, very quickly the site suddenly re-appeared in the top 100, changing from around number #45 to #33 (as in the third listing on the third page). Again keep in mind for many months the site was nowhere in the top 100; often we gave up looking after page 15. Also keep in mind very little changed on the site to suddenly have it re-appear. And one more thing to keep in mind: the site has maintained a top result in other top search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo (where this site currently resides at number 1. Something is wrong at Google.

While Google's stats show very little people searching for “vision for America” historically, as it’s a search term for information on a higher level of ‘consumer’ searches, the very words are power of the highest order: this is the future. John Kerry in opened his press conference with a statement of his “vision for America.” It was buzz word used in House of Cards for the fictional campaign. Hillary Clinton in a speech warned us of others “who have a different vision for America.” Something is wrong at Google.

While this site now is bouncing between number 8 and 15 (pages one and two) of results, in context of what appears to be intentional censorship, it’s worth looking at what Google ‘thinks’ should be a top site. Apparently, despite being a world leading tech company, their stuck in the 1980s. For sometime now, the top result has been this thrilling page of Ronald Reagan’s election eve address "A Vision for America.” That the site is a buried section on the UC Santa Barbra University site… is crazy. This odd connection with “vision for America” and Reagan is continued on the second result steering those looking to a Daily Beast article Is Ronald Reagan's Vision For America Dead? The third result for sometime as been the site, a site that seeks “to help America return to our Founding Father’s vision for a Christian Republic.” (As of writing the site's home page is nearly empty of the abundant news articles that once filled the site). To recap top 3: Reagan, Reagan, God. What the hell is wrong with Google?

More analysis of the other top pages are certainly in order, but in summary: there’s very little to inspire moving down the pages. Lots of old content such as Obama’s vision and mix of various articles. (As of this writing) perhaps the only really interesting result is this page for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop One's Vision for America (something that certainly is an inspiring idea and worthy of a top 10 scoring).

To close this thread, it’s the goal of this effort to help overcome corporate censorship such as what Google deemed necessary for the 2016 US presidential election, and help create a place where a vision for American can come together not from corporate controlled politicians and media, but by all citizens.

Here are some other pages and articles from Google:

Obama Lays Out a Vision for America's Future and Stopping Trump and GOP in His Farewell Address

Via Amazon: JFK: A Vision for America | National Archives

Sierra Club: Toward a More Inclusive Vision for America’s Great Outdoors

Via 2000s: A bold new vision for America

Fortune: Donald Trump Shares His Vision for America | Related: Trump's Inauguration | Denver Post | Concord Monitor | Oregon Live

Teen Link (essay): My Vision for America

Open Secrets: Vision for America PAC (cool!)

Steve Gladstone (independent candidate for Senate): VISION: Setting a Foundation for America

My Vision for America’s Youth

The Leonard Lopate Show: Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions' Vision for America

Hillary Clinton's Vision for America: Issues | NBC News: Hillary Clinton Offers Obama-Like Vision for America

MICHAEL A. COHEN: Trump’s dark vision of America

The Berggruen Institute: From Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti Offers a Vision for America

Vision for a Healthier America

Is Your Vision For America As Optimistic As The President’s?


My vision for America: Speeches by Barack Obama | RealClearWorld: Obama's Vision for America, Seen From Afar | CNN: President Barack Obama: My vision for America

Teach for America: One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

A Vision for High Speed Rail (too bad Obama was just a corporate tool and didn't get this going)

FOX News: Rick Oil Prick Perry thinks the GOP has a good vision for America: file under biggest idiots in the nation.

Here's REAL VISION: The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America | On Audible

Here's SCARY vision: What Steve Bannon really wants

Vision New America aims to increase civic participation among underrepresented communities through our matching grants, educational forums, and alumni activities.

Hyperloop's vision for America recap (video) | CNBC

Why the GOP's Vision of North America's Energy Future Should Scare All of Us - It will be a nightmare of environmental degradation and global conflict.

Trump's Budget Vision Would Transform America Into War-Obsessed, Survival-of-the-Fittest Dystopia

This is a good one! ;) My Vision for America by Ben Mater

NPR: What Is Steve Bannon And Jeff Sessions' Shared Vision For Remaking America?

Vision for America News

Cities and states solidify their plan to move forward on climate without Trump - More proof that local governments will move forward with the Paris agreement even if the federal government won’t.

Cal Thomas: President laid out his vision for America, world

File under LACKING VISION: Republican Lawmakers Take A Raise Away From St. Louis Workers - GOP statehouses around the country are blocking local progressive policies through “preemption” laws. Missouri may be the most glaring case yet.

Trump hit by twin Russia bombshells as he departs for foreign trip - The president allegedly told the Russians that firing 'nut job' Comey relieved 'great pressure,' while federal probe appears to get more serious.

White House Looking At Ethics Rule To Weaken Special Investigation - The Trump administration is exploring whether it can use an obscure ethics rule to undermine the special counsel investigation into ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russia.

The Undoing Of The Donald - His panic and bad judgment increase in magnitude with each day.

Counterterrorism Expert Slams ‘Narcissist’ Donald Trump - “He doesn’t represent 320 million Americans, he represents one,” former FBI official Philip Mudd says.

Moring Joe: ‘The Truth Doesn’t Matter To Donald Trump’  - "It's an absolute trainwreck.

Rachel Maddow: False Denials From VP Mike Pence Continue To Stack Up

Jake Tapper 5/19/17: Trump To Russians That 'Nut Job' Comey's Firing Relieved 'Great Pressure'

Trump trip shows US hypocrisy on human rights - President Donald Trump's trip through the Middle East should puncture a myth Americans have been fed for generations: that this country's foreign policy lives up to its high-minded rhetoric on the advancement of human rights.

Speaking of human rights: Trump’s $110 Billion Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia May Be Illegal

NYC Spends $116 Million A Year Jailing People Who Can’t Afford To Pay Their Way Out

Donald Trump's son-in-law Kushner personally intervened in $110 billion arms deal to get Saudi Arabia a better price

NYT: Donald Trump Says Firing Comey Eased Pressure on Russia Probe

Rachel Maddow: James Comey Recounted Inappropriate Pressure From Donald Trump | Steven Colbert: Comey And Trump Had A Heart-To-No-Heart

Jimmy Kimmel on Response to Emotional Monologue About Baby & Health Care Debate | Trump Leaking Classified Information to Russia

Donald Trump Warned Us About Himself

Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America

"Nut Job" Will Testify in Open Session Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Prince Charles: It's Time to Solve the 'Human Disaster' of Plastics in the World's Oceans;

What can JFK’s speeches teach us today? - Stephen Kennedy Smith, co-editor of "JFK: A Vision for America," shares collection of JFK's visionary speeches

Lee Camp: Our Internet Will Be Destroyed In The Coming Weeks & No One’s Talking About It

The impeachment trap: Be careful what you wish for - Trump is odious, but impeachment is dangerous – both for the Democrats and the progressive movement.

Trump’s Response To Disaster Relief Raises Alarms - Concern mounts as hurricane and wildfire season nears.

An Unlikely Resistance Surges Against Trump’s Clean Water Threats - By targeting specific regional efforts alongside more general environmental justice funding, the Trump administration might have inadvertently given opponents a means to fight back.

Congress going on the record: Rep. Maxine Waters | Sen. John McCain | Sen. Bernie Sanders | Sen. Kamala Harris

The 'I’m Really Smart' President Faces Crises Of Ignorance

What Donald Trump Needs to Know About Bob Mueller and Jim Comey - The two men who could bring down the president have been preparing their entire lives for this moment. Robert Mueller Is 'America First' Unlike Donald Trump

Joe: New Sheriff In Town With Robert Mueller Taking Over Russia Probe

CNN: What did Mike Pence know? | Frustration with Trump -- even among Republicans -- mounts on Capitol Hill | Why the latest White House crisis is a really big deal

The FCC has a plan to destroy net neutrality. It’s up to us to stop it.

The White House’s absolutely brutal night, in 6 headlines

Jimmy Dore: What's Neoliberalism? And How It’s Killing You!

Trump Campaign Had At Least 18 Undisclosed Contacts With Russians

Steve Kerr explained why an NBA coach today couldn't succeed with a Trump-like approach

IS THE COMEY MEMO THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR TRUMP? - Given Donald Trump’s long record of deception, James Comey’s memos are far more likely to bury the President than to exonerate him.

Donald Trump’s Week Of Chaos Met With Talk Of His Removal - “Discussion of Trump’s presidency ending before his four-year term is up is no longer an oppositional fantasy.”

‘We’re in impeachment territory’: David Gergen, former presidential adviser, on Comey’s Trump memo

In His New Book, Noam Chomsky Takes a Look at Income Inequality - The philosopher casts a cold eye on the economic facts of American life in the 21st century. He looks at the 10 principles of concentration and power at work in America today.

Joe to Republicans: ‘Donald Trump is not worth it’- Joe Scarborough says Trump is sullying the reputations of career public servants and urges them to reconsider their unwavering support of the president. 

Trump Reportedly Asked James Comey To Stop Michael Flynn Investigation | A Closer Look | Did Trump Obstruct Justice? | The Last Word | Watergate Prosecutor: Well On Our Way To Impeachment Of President Trump | Comey’s Memo Is the Smoking Gun of Donald Trump’s Watergate

CNN: Toobin: 'Three words: Obstruction of justice'

When the World Is Led by a Child - His inability to focus his attention makes it hard for him to learn and master facts. He is ill informed about his own policies and tramples his own talking points. It makes it hard to control his mouth. On an impulse, he will promise a tax reform when his staff has done little of the actual work.

Stephen Colbert fires away at Trump: 'You're a bad president. Please resign.'

Another GOP Congressman Calls For Special Prosecutor To Probe Russia's Election Meddling


Joe Scarborough Says The GOP Will Be Judged For The Next Fifty Years

Donald Trump 'not even aware of where intelligence was from' before telling Russia, White House reveals

Donald Trump Just Betrayed America’s Intelligence Community

'Highly Worrying': International Intelligence Officials Warn Trump Poses Security Risk

Ann Coulter Calls 'Grotesque' Donald Trump A Disappointment

Will Donald Trump be impeached, and how would it work? All you need to know, explained

A Closer Look: Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info

Former Obama Justice Department official slams Sessions over drug sentencing reversal - "It’s a real throwback in a lot of ways, and very troubling."

Proof of an idiot: Trump thinks exercise is bad for you, depletes limited energy

Can Americans Remove An ‘Incompetent’ President?

Democracy Now: Donald Trump is Deep into Watergate Territory Now: Former Congresswoman Who Probed Nixon Speaks Out

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Morning Joe: President Trump Firing James Comey Is 'A Constitutional Crisis’ - "Trump is detached from reality."

HuffPost: Donald Trump Drastically Expands ‘Global Gag Rule’ On Abortion

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann: Here’s How Trump Could Already Be Prosecuted | (video)

Trump’s Latest Voter Fraud Scam

In a Time of Madness, Sally Yates Is a Profile in Courage - The fired acting attorney general proved this week that there are still a few in Washington who believe in truth and the law.

Hillary Clinton Announces New Political Group Onward Together

Trump Revealed Highly Classified Information To Russians During White House Visit | Yahoo News | Washington Post | MSNBC | HuffPost | For the Record

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Robert Reich: The End Of Trump - The question is no longer whether there are grounds to impeach Donald Trump. It is when enough Republicans will put their loyalty to America ahead of their loyalty to their party.

Bloomburg Views: He Shows He Is Unfit. Yet He's Still the President - The system can deal with a crooked president. But not a crazy one.

Trump’s Know-Nothing Tour de Force - The president is winging it, even on an issue that risks his entire presidency.

Morning Joe: Echoes Of Watergate In Trump Administration

Jimmy Dore: Roomful Of Regular People Proclaim Disgust At Democrats (video)

It is a grotesque abuse of power by the president of the United States

GOP representatives take a verbal beating at town halls across America

Donald Trump Orders "Election Integrity" Commission Headed by Architects of Voter Suppression

Donald J. Trump's vision for America