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    Vision for America is a citizen platform for voices and solutions, a community-created vision for our nation. Get involved and share your vision and ideas for our nation's future. Learn more at

    Latest site updates:

    Green New Deal

    GREEN NEW DEAL: A vision for America to address both economic inequality and climate change.

    Sunrise Movement

    For the first time in our lives, we have a fighting chance to stop climate change.

    Justice Democrats

    Let's rebuild a Democratic Party that fights for a clear progressive vision.

    Tech for Campaigns

    We bring best-in-class talent and technology to political campaigns.

    Save bees!

    One in every three bites of food we eat depends on bees and other pollinators.

    Our Revolution

    Campaigns end. Revolutions endure.


    350 is the most important number in the world. It's the safe line for our global climate and a start line for a global movement.

    The Sanders Institute

    Sanders Institute: A vital democracy requires an informed electorate, civil discourse and bold ideas.



    Jim Carrey's vision for America

    Art and visionary messages by Jim Carrey.

    Jeremy Rifkin

    Economist Jeremy Rifkin presents an inspiring vision the future and hopeful narrative for the human race.

    Bernie Sander's Vision for America

    Bernie Sander's Vision for America


    An action plan to kick out lawmakers beholden to the gun lobby.


    Hyperloop: a vision and plan in action for America's future.

    21st Century Vision for America

    A 21st Century Vision for America: Guiding Principles for a Great Nation

    Brand New Congress

    It's time for a Brand New Congress

    Indivisible Guide

    We’re not the leaders of this movement: you are.

    Fight for 15

    1,000s of workers. 100s of cities. 1 movement. $15 and a union.


    Join the Movement for a People's Party! The country is beyond ready for a new nationally viable progressive party.

    21st Century Vision for America

    Vox: Impeaching an unfit president has consequences. But leaving one in office could be worse.


    Fighting for a fair future: We’re proud to step up the fight for immigrant rights, affordable health care, and core American values — as NextGen America.

    Need to Impeach Donald Trump

    Donald Trump has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice, and taken money from foreign governments. We need to impeach this dangerous president.

    Saving Capitalism

    Robert Reich examines America’s fragile democracy and its fight for survival; as income and wealth go to the top, more Americans are left behind. Now it’s up to those ordinary Americans to change the rules.

    The Green Plate

    The road to a better you -- and better nation -- starts on your plate.

    Donald Trump's vision for America

    Open for Debate: Are we making America great, again? Comment on the President's vision for America.

    The benefits of public wildlands, explained

    The Nation

    The Nation: Why American Democracy Has Descended Into Collective Hysteria

    Healthy lands, healthy bodies equals a strong nation. It's time to move beyond meat and towards a sustainable (and tasty!) future.

    Protect National Monuments

    Introducing An Election Reform Bill To Expand Voter Participation Nationwide by Rep. Don Beyer and Sen. Tammy Duckworth

    Protect National Monuments

    The Fight Is On to Save Our National Monuments!

    Ignite Change

    Join the movement to protect the planet!

    Protect Wolves!

    Restoring wolves nationwide: a campaign by Center for Biological Diversity

    Time for Action

    Gov. Jay Inslee: It's time for action on climate change

    Reduce plastic waste

    Pledge to reduce plastic waste

    Be The Change

    Be the change you wish to see in the world.

    Trump Forest

    Trump Forest: Inspired citizen action

    Become a citizen co-sponsor of Medicare-for-all bill

    We Are Still In

    Open letter to the international community and parties to the Paris Agreement from U.S. state, local, and business leaders

    Run For Office

    Have you ever thought about running for office, or know someone who should? Here are the tools, skills, and knowledge you'll need.

    Vision for America

    See more visionary ideas posted on Vision for America!

    A 21st Century Vision for America is a document that describes our country as most Americans would want it to be. It envisions an America that cares about people, protects our rights, provides opportunity for all, nurtures its lands and waterways, and serves as a good global citizen. This America serves as a beacon and model to the rest of the world, reminding everyone of what is possible when people of good will come together to do what is right.

    Get vocal for democracy!

    Add your voice to Vision for America! Make a comment, write an essay or poem, share your art. This is for you America. This is just the beginning.

    Our Revolution
    NoRA Now
    Democracy Now!
    The Sanders Institute
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    Vision for America is providing the above links not as explicit endorsement but for the sake of democracy and hearing all voices.#VisionForAmerica