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TRUMP WILL NOT GO GENTLY INTO THE NIGHT: Trump Firing Everybody as Election Standoff Continues | Trump and the GOP Still Refuse to Accept Biden's Win | Trump Has Yet To Show Real Evidence Of Fraud, But Getting Him Out Of Office May Be A Bumpy Ride | The president fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and installed three staunch loyalists to senior Pentagon policy positions.

Facebook’s Political Ads Ban Has Been An Ominous Disaster Just days from the election, the tech giant wrongly blocked thousands of Biden ads due to “technical flaws” — and that’s only the beginning. [Trump is likely to win, folks. Signs are out there. OR, not out there. As in Joe Biden was the wrong candidate to select, regardless. But this is not YOUR country.

Trump Intentionally Misled The Public On Coronavirus | Unforgivable

Did Russian hackers make 2016 NC voters disappear? Why won’t we stop this for 2020? -- U.S. election systems could be every bit as vulnerable to outside monkey business in the 2020 presidential election, because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his GOP lawmakers are refusing to vote on critical election security bills that would provide federal dollars and support to local election systems to upgrade cybersecurity, as well as requiring paper ballots and audits that would ensure the integrity of the vote.

Krystal and Saagar: APOCALYPTIC California Wildfire Photos Compared To 'Nuclear Winter' | Age of the Mega Storm has begun | The PERILS of ignoring climate science known since the 1950s are here | Apocalyptic Orange Haze And Darkness Blanket California Amid Fires

Nearly 100 GOP, Independent officials launch group backing Biden |

John Oliver on RNC 2020 and Kenosha... IN TRUMP'S AMERICA.

WHY LIVING BY A RIVER MAKES SENSE: U.S. toilet paper companies have been destroying world's largest intact forest for decades

New Lincoln Project Ad Questions Trump's Wellness

OH NO JOE -- RISING: Joe Rogan KNOCKS Biden After New Cringe Interview Disaster -- Joe Biden's health is failing right before our eyes, A DISASTER FOR OUR NATION! | Biden's Disastrous TV Appearance Shows He's Unfit To Lead In A Crisis

TRUMP IS INSANE (PART 2): Trump Suggests Delaying the Election, Which He Can't Do

TRUMP IS INSANE: Trump Praises “Demon Sperm” Doctor Who Pushed Hydroxychloroquin

Trump Rolling Back Environmental Regulations

REWATCH: Colbert: Losing Ground To Biden, Trump Demonizes Immigrants And Targets U.S. Citizens With Secret Police

John Oliver Exposes Sean Hannity’s Lies About Portland Protesters -- "Masked individuals throwing people into an unmarked van is never a good idea if you want to de-escalate a situation. It’s not even a good idea for a surprise bachelorette party."

How The Fossil Fuel Industry Funds The Police -- Critics say there’s a quid pro quo at work when oil giants, utilities and their banks donate to secretive foundations that support police.

Trump is failing America: With 137,000 U.S. Deaths, Trump Stays Focused on Shower Heads

Trump's Chris Wallace Interview Shows Our Nation's True Peril: TRUMP IS AN INCOMPETENT, LYING, FOOL

Donald Trump Is the Last Person We Can Trust to Safely Reopen Schools

The Trump Presidency Is Over -- Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain. | HuffPost: How Trump Blew The Coronavirus Response

Gordon Sondland’s Explosive Impeachment Testimony Implicates Trump | Colbert | Full Frontal | Dr. Fiona Hill Wastes Trump

The Impeachment Evidence Against Trump Is Overwhelming | Trump’s Unqualified Federal Judge Appointments | Facts Don't Look Good for Team Trump | More Damning Evidence

Leaked Testimony Unveils President Donald Trump’s ‘Shadow Foreign Policy -- More witnesses coming forward to testify against White House Resident Donald Trump. The Growing Body Of Evidence Against The President

Trump's Betrayal Of The Kurds Will Echo For Generations

REAL FAKE NEWS: President Trump, In His 'Great And Unmatched Wisdom,' Decides To Abandon Kurds | GOP Says Trump Was Joking About China as Damning Ukraine Texts Emerge

Krystal Ball: Why Andrew Yang made the 5th debate (and others didn't)

WaPo: Earth just experienced its hottest September, as 2019 heads for the record books -- "Yang is going to be on the next debate stage because he actually dared to have a vision and be honest about what's going on."

REAL FAKE NEWS ROUNDUP: Trump Tries To Normalize His Criminal Behavior By Doing It In Public | Trump Is Having an Impeachment Meltdown | Ilhan Omar: Impeachment Pioneer | Impeachment: Trump Has Officially Gone Off the Deep End | Mike Pence Takes HHS To The Past | Mike Pence’s Ignorance Defense | Letter Trump Sent To Erdogan Is 'So Weird We Had To Check With WH To Make Sure It's Real

Michael Moore: The Worst Could Happen In 2020 -- "The majority of working class are women, people of color and they are young. Those three groups make up almost 70% of next year's electorate."

The Corruption Before Trump: How high-minded self-dealing paved the way for our low-minded president.

REAL FAKE NEWS: Closer Look: Trump and GOP Melt Down Amid Ukraine Scandal, Impeachment | Late Show: Trump Wants To Out The Whistleblower, Interrogate Rep. Adam Schiff | Daily Show: Trump’s Potential Impeachment Snowballs

Reality is great. Just great. -- Impeachment Cold Open | DNC Town Hall

Trump Pressures Ukraine to Investigate Biden & Impeachment Looms | Ukraine and the Trump Impeachment Inquiry (Part 2)

Trump-Ukraine Call Log Clearly Demonstrates Quid Pro Quo Demand | Ukraine and the Trump Impeachment Inquiry | Trump Releases Damning Ukraine Memo Amid Impeachment Inquiry

Full Frontal: How Taxpayers are Funding Trump's Resorts

ABC News Democratic Debate - WATCH THE FULL DEBATE

Marijuana Industry Is Budding Before Our Eyes

Real Time: The Fudge Report: Stop eating like an asshole

Trump's Incompetence and Corruption on Display as Hurricane Nears

Trump To Undo Limits On Methane, Ignores Fate of Planet -- Even some oil and gas companies oppose the EPA plan to loosen regulation of the potent greenhouse gas.

The Veg Revolution is on. Fast!

How The World Is Moving On From U.S. Leadership

Trump Combines Cruel Immigration Policies with Broken Promises

A (sad) Closer Look: Politicians React to Shootings in El Paso and Dayton

Samatha Bee has The Vision: How To Get Away With Widespread Election Interference...Again! | AND WE NEED TO IMPEACH.

Full Frontal: A Rundown of Trump’s Racist Racisms

John Oliver Reveals The Only Way ‘Uncooperative Toddler’ Trump Leaves Office -- The "Last Week Tonight" host says Democrats must impeach the president even if they know it won't succeed.


Trump Loves to Say He May Not Leave Office After Two Terms, and It’s Dangerous -- As laughable or terrifying as that may sound, the notion that Trump would try to stay in office should not be scoffed at.

Sanders lays out his vision for America: finish what Franklin Roosevelt started -- “It is my very strong belief that the United States must reject that path of hatred and divisiveness – and instead find the moral conviction to choose a different path, a higher path, a path of compassion, justice and love,” Sanders said in a defiant, 45-minute speech. “It is the path that I call democratic socialism.”

Elizabeth Warren’s Trade Plan Is The Real Deal

Elizabeth Warren Adds $2 Trillion And A Green Marshall Plan To Climate Vision

Is Republican Gov. William Weld able to beat corrupt Republicans?

Greenpeace ranks 2020 candidates on climate

2020 Democratic 2020 Candidate Pete Buttigieg Gets Standing Ovation on Fox News | Town Hall Pt 1

Sierra Club: A Vision for Our Best America - Frontline and vulnerable communities are key to the Green New Deal

Republican Who Worked To Impeach Nixon Challenging Trump For The Presidency

Democrats are playing dirty to shut out progressive new voices. They should rethink that strategy.

Mueller report: Donald Trump failed us as commander in chief -- The Mueller report makes clear that Donald Trump has failed miserably in this sacred obligation, and instead has traded his constitutional duty for his own safety.

Bernie Sanders Leads The Democratic Presidential Fundraising Pack, Rocks Fox News Town Hall. He really did. Part 1, Part 2

Bernie Sanders - A Progressive Agenda for the 2020 Presidential Race

Buttigieg Response To Pence: 'That Will Resonate Through All Of History' - I have problem with religion being used to harm people.

Bernie Sanders on Medicare For All: Health Care Is A Human Right | Video

Real Time: Seth Abramson's Proof of Collusion

New York City Charges Ahead With Its Own Green New Deal - The nation’s largest city is poised to enact what may be the most ambitious municipal emissions reduction bill in the world.

Samantha Bee: "In the end no one is coming to save ourselves but ourselves.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Becomes 2020’s First To Promise To Offset Carbon Emissions

Beto O’Rourke Raised Record-Breaking $6.1 Million In First 24 Hours Of Campaign

Bernie Sanders Runs for 2020 White House - Launch Fundraising Blows Doors Off Rest Of Democratic Field

President Trump Takes News Cycle Hostage With National Emergency Declaration

Elizabeth Warrnen Accounces Official Run For 2020 White House - "This is the fight of our lives. The fight to build an America where dreams are possible, an America that works for everyone. I am in that fight all the way." | HuffPost

America Got Trumped; GOP Tax Scam Bilks Middle Class To Enrich Weathy Donors; Dems Play Good Cop And Do Nothing (As Usual)

"Just completed our taxes. For the last several years before 2018, our itemized deductions plus personal exemptions were between 42,000 and 46,000 dollars. This year we were only eligible for the 24,000 standard deduction and of course, personal exemptions were eliminated. That's 20,000 dollars more income we are taxed on. The small decrease in tax rates did not compensate for that. I might not mind paying a few thousand more this year if it meant the country was actually getting serious about balancing our budget. However, just the opposite is happening. We are once again borrowing over a trillion dollars a year to give a massive tax break to the already wealthy. It is reckless and morally unconscionable."

A Closer Look: Trump's 2019 State of the Union Address -

The Real National Emergency Is A Climate Emergency | And removing the Russian agent in the Oval Office hellbent on destroying America

Last Word: Another Incident Of President Donald Trump Meeting Putin Without U.S. Staff | Another piece of evidence Trump is a traitor, beholden to Russian interests, and also an idiot.

Trump is terrible at running government and the worst President, ever: It Could Take Joshua Tree 300 Years to Recover From the Government Shutdown

Is there Russian agent in the Oval Office?? NYT: F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia

IT APPEARS SO: Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration

What’s The Matter With the Democratic Party? Just Watch Pelosi and Schumer Respond to Trump’s Wall Speech - Sanders packed more visceral humanity in the first minute or so of his remarks than in the entirety of Pelosi and Schumer’s response.

As Green New Deal Fight Shifts To 2020, Young Activists Are Hitting The Road

Like a real world villan: Trump EPA orders rollback of Obama mercury regulations

Chris Hayes: Country Feels On The Precipice Of Real Crisis

NOW THIS: There Is a Russian Asset in the White House

The Scariest Thing For Republicans In 2018 Was The Democrats’ New Blue Base -- Also for Democrats.

ALL IN: President Donald Trump Family Fraud - The president and his family engaged in an elaborate criminal conspiracy to defraud the government and build a vast fortune. Also see: #NeedToImpeach

Trump's policies are based on lies: and racism: DHS Can't Spend Money From Mexico For Wall

What Makes The Jim Mattis Resignation So Significant -- "None of us planned for such an erratic president."

WaPo: Our enemies are cheering Trump’s Syria decision. But it’s not too late. -- "Trump was right to denounce Obama for declaring victory against the Islamic State and withdrawing U.S. forces. So why is he now doing exactly what he criticized Obama for doing? The president needs to ask himself: Who is celebrating this decision? Answer: Iran, Russia, the Assad regime, Hezbollah, the Islamic State — and, in his prison cell at Guantanamo Bay, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed."

Trump Shows 'Consciousness Of Guilt' In Russia Contact

Moring Joe: President Donald Trump Makes His Worst Geopolitical Move Yet

Rolling Stone: Yes, Bernie Should Run

Trump's Wall and Charity Were Scams

Climate Disaster Democrats Follow GOP Big Oil Agenda, Stall Green New Deal

Trump Administration Moves Closer To Opening Arctic Refuge To Oil Drilling re: #needtoimpeach

The Great Unraveling Of President Donald Trump's Defenses

The GOP Doesn’t Care if Their “Law and Order” President Breaks the Law

Poll Numbers On Donald Trump's Vision Are 'Shocking'

Trump Administration Axes Funding For NASA System That Monitors Greenhouse Gases

Traitor Trump Makin' Putin Proud: Shutdown Costs Double

“The President Has Been Acting on Russia’s Behalf”

Velshi & Ruhle: Why The FBI Might Want To Investigate President Trump’s Russia Ties

Morning Joe: FBI Opened Probe Into President Donald Trump's Ties To Russia

Colbert: Is Donald Trump Working For Russia?

A Closer Look: The FBI Investigated Whether Trump Worked for Russia

WaPost: Trump’s secrecy around Putin talks are ‘part of a much broader pattern’

Making America Great Again (FOR RUSSIA) -- Trump's plan has been to destroy the nation from day 1 in office; uses excuse of border wall to bring America's economy down: The government shutdown is becoming a 'meaningful risk' to the economy -- GOP sighs: oh well; still gets Russian NRA money.

Why Are Federal Workers Selling Oil Drilling Rights in the Midst of a Shutdown?

‘Resign Or Be Impeached’

President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress -- No surprise as Cohen pleaded guilty in November to lying about the deal in testimony and statement to the Senate and House intelligence committees. Vanity Fair | Huff Post

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's first House speech breaks online viewing records

NPR: Depth Of Russian Politician's Cultivation Of NRA Ties Revealed

NOW THIS: How the Government Shutdown Shows Mitch McConnell’s Hypocrisy

NOW THIS: Trump Learns Why a Wall Won’t Work From a Border Patrol Agent

Morning Joe: 'You Are Seeing The Actions Of An Autocrat'

How Many Lies Did Trump Tell In His Immigration Speech

Joe: Donald Trump's Phony Crisis Created A Real National Security Risk

FBI Director on shutdown: 'I'm about as angry as I've been in a long, long time'

Velshi & Ruhle: Is President Donald Trump Closer To Impeachment? #NeedToImpeach

The Atlantic: Impeach Donald Trump -- Starting the process will rein in a president who is undermining American ideals—and bring the debate about his fitness for office into Congress, where it belongs.

The Invisible Children of the Trump Administration: According to a new report, the White House separated many more families than it had previously acknowledged—and failed to keep track of those it separated.

Time for G.O.P. to Threaten to Fire Trump - "Trump’s behavior has become so erratic, his lying so persistent, his willingness to fulfill the basic functions of the presidency — like reading briefing books, consulting government experts before making major changes and appointing a competent staff — so absent, his readiness to accommodate Russia and spurn allies so disturbing and his obsession with himself and his ego over all other considerations so consistent, two more years of him in office could pose a real threat to our nation." Also see: Need to Impeach

US Strategy On Syria Keeps Allies And Partners Guessing | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Trump Generates Crisis And Chaos: Fmr. CIA Director Leon Panetta

Joe: President Trump Sycophants Owe Robert Mueller, FBI And The US An Apology

Joe: When President Donald Trump Leaves Town, GOP Will Change Tune

Mayor Mitch Landrieu talks about how mayors are providing real vision, leadership for America on Real Time with Bill Maher

6 Minutes and 20 Seconds that Could Change the World - Thanks to young people, especially those of color, this time might be different.

Rolling Stone: 'The Harms of Fracking': New Report Details Increased Risks of Asthma, Birth Defects and Cancer- The most authoritative study of its kind reveals how fracking is contaminating the air and water – and imperiling the health of millions of Americans

How democracies die, explained - The problems in American democracy run far deeper than Trump.

Uranium Company Urged Trump To Carve Up Bears Ears, Then He Did - An energy firm’s lobbying team was led by Trump’s incoming EPA deputy secretary.

The case for normalizing impeachment - Impeaching an unfit president has consequences. But leaving one in office could be worse.

Is America’s ‘Best Idea’ at Stake? Republicans and the Trump administration are trying to reduce the number of national monuments, which would put once-protected land up for commercial use.

Millennial Mormons Abandon Political Labels In The Age Of Trump - In interviews with HuffPost, Utah college students said they were increasingly turned off by both the Republican and Democratic parties.

California Fires Now Deadliest In State’s Recorded History; The death toll ticked up to 31 people Thursday, and it’s likely to climb still higher.

NRDC: Why We Need the Clean Power Plan to Fight Climate Change

Cities and states solidify their plan to move forward on climate without Trump - More proof that local governments will move forward with the Paris agreement even if the federal government won’t.

Why 2020 Will Be the Year of the Woman -- In this post-Weinstein moment, Democrats are pining for the karmic justice of defeating Trump with shards from a glass ceiling. Here’s how it could happen.

Trump’s ‘America First’ looks more and more like America alone - It is not just on trade that Trump has sought to stake out positions that have isolated the United States from the rest of the world. His plans to withdraw from the Paris climate accord at the earliest opportunity in 2020 could mean that the United States is the only country in the world not committed to it, since Syria announced its intention to join this past week.

W. Bush lays out Trump’s false vision for America

The benefits of public wildlands, explained - It’s not just good for the economy to keep public wildlands protected — see why it’s never been more important to preserve these spaces.

The Tax Bill And The Republican Social Vision For America’s Future - The current incarnation is very different: it firmly embraces the notion of the corporate state over that of the individual...the Republican desire to tie U.S. government interests with corporate interests, and to create a massive and radical new imbalance between corporate and individual tax rates.

Rachel Maddow: James Comey Recounted Inappropriate Pressure From Donald Trump | Steven Colbert: Comey And Trump Had A Heart-To-No-Heart

Jimmy Kimmel on Response to Emotional Monologue About Baby & Health Care Debate | Trump Leaking Classified Information to Russia

Donald Trump Warned Us About Himself

Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America

"Nut Job" Will Testify in Open Session Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Prince Charles: It's Time to Solve the 'Human Disaster' of Plastics in the World's Oceans;

What can JFK’s speeches teach us today? - Stephen Kennedy Smith, co-editor of "JFK: A Vision for America," shares collection of JFK's visionary speeches

Lee Camp: Our Internet Will Be Destroyed In The Coming Weeks & No One’s Talking About It

The impeachment trap: Be careful what you wish for - Trump is odious, but impeachment is dangerous – both for the Democrats and the progressive movement.

Trump’s Response To Disaster Relief Raises Alarms - Concern mounts as hurricane and wildfire season nears.

An Unlikely Resistance Surges Against Trump’s Clean Water Threats - By targeting specific regional efforts alongside more general environmental justice funding, the Trump administration might have inadvertently given opponents a means to fight back.

Congress going on the record: Rep. Maxine Waters | Sen. John McCain | Sen. Bernie Sanders | Sen. Kamala Harris

The 'I’m Really Smart' President Faces Crises Of Ignorance

What Donald Trump Needs to Know About Bob Mueller and Jim Comey - The two men who could bring down the president have been preparing their entire lives for this moment. Robert Mueller Is 'America First' Unlike Donald Trump

Joe: New Sheriff In Town With Robert Mueller Taking Over Russia Probe

CNN: What did Mike Pence know? | Frustration with Trump -- even among Republicans -- mounts on Capitol Hill | Why the latest White House crisis is a really big deal

The FCC has a plan to destroy net neutrality. It’s up to us to stop it.

The White House’s absolutely brutal night, in 6 headlines

Jimmy Dore: What's Neoliberalism? And How It’s Killing You!

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