Trump Forest Launches in New Zealand

Businesses and people are being urged to contribute to a global forest in honour of one of the world’s biggest failures of leadership, US President Donald Trump.

Trump Forest launches as the most incompetent president in US history bends over to the fossil fuel industry and moves to dismantle the Clean Power Plan.

Trump Forest is a global initiative designed to combat climate change. It launches today in New Zealand with 1,000 native trees funded by cap company Offcut.

The trees will be planted on Christchurch’s Port Hills to help regenerate wildlife following devastating fires earlier this year.

Trump’s attempts to reestablish the coal industry goes against scientists warning that humans cannot continue burning fossil fuels and stand a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

“The world’s most powerful man doesn’t believe in science, and that should be concerning to everyone around the globe,” Offcut founder Adrien Taylor says.

“As the planet heats up towards critical tipping points, we simply can’t afford his ignorance.

“Only a small percentage of the world voted this idiot in, but we will all have to deal with his stupidity when wildfires, tropical storms, droughts, rising seas, and increased temperatures make life more uncomfortable for all - and impossible for many - of us living on this planet.

“We know Trump likes his things: Trump Tower, Trump Golf, Trump Vodka and so on. We thought he might like Trump Forest too.”

Trump has famously called climate change a Chinese “hoax” designed to cripple the US economy and has long advocated for inaction in dealing with what the World Health Organisation unequivocally calls the greatest threat to human health this century.

Climate change has been identified as a major global security risk by Trump’s own military.

“Don’s putting financial gain above the safety and welfare of people in the US and around the world,” says Trump Forest co-founder and climate scientist Dr Daniel Price.

“It makes me so angry. We felt like we had to do something about it, at least so we can one day look our eventual grandchildren in the eyes and tell them we tried to do something about Trump’s extremely dangerous incompetence.

“We can’t do it alone. We need the help of other businesses around the world to pledge trees for Trump Forest. As politicians pander around diplomacy, businesses can take the lead on climate action and planting trees is a good starting point. But it is just a starting point; it’s high time businesses actually take this challenge head on.

“The Trump Administration's attack on climate action is completely unacceptable in a modern scientifically literate society. We cannot stand by and watch as he attempts to derail effective action and recent progress.” Businesses and individuals interested in joining the pledge to fund tree plantings, or who want to find out more, should go to

Trump Forest lets you plant a tree to offset Trumps Climate Po...

President Trump said build a wall. These people said build a forest.

Posted by NowThis on Saturday, August 19, 2017


Update August 29th: Trump Forest Hits 500,000 Trees

More than half a million trees have now been pledged by people in more than 50 countries around the world to counter US President Donald Trump’s ignorance on climate change.

Trump Forest was launched by three New Zealand-based men in April in response to Trump’s repeated attacks on climate science and climate action.

In just five months, 530,653 trees have been pledged with almost $70,000 (USD) in backing at

"This isn't just a stunt, and it's not about political point scoring,” says Trump Forest co-founder Jeff Willis: a PhD candidate studying climate policy in the Pacific.

“Donald Trump's lack of climate change policies puts human life on this planet at risk. When we say we're offsetting his ignorance, those are the stakes.

"Trump may be ignoring the most significant challenge facing humanity today, but we're not. 500,000 new trees in the ground show that people around the world aren't either."

Of all the donations to date, just under half have come from people living in the United States. The rest have been spread throughout the world with clusters in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

[View the full Trump Forest map here.]

Trump Forest co-founder and glaciologist, Dr Daniel Price, says the map shows the global nature of human-induced climate change: both in its impact and the response needed to mitigate it.

“Climate change isn’t the end of the world, but if we wait any longer to act, it will be the end of the world as we know it. Modern society isn’t prepared to deal with the impacts of 3 or 4 degrees celsius of warming. It really is as simple as that.

“Don’t hate physics. Hate bad policy. The climate is already changing and the sooner people realise it the better. We have practically no time left to avoid committing to a climate we won’t get along with and dinosaurs like Trump are the last thing life on Earth needs.”

The Trump Forest team has calculated it needs roughly 10 billion trees to offset the extra greenhouse gases Trump’s anti-climate agenda will put into the atmosphere.

"People always ask what they can do about climate change — it's such an immense challenge. Well, planting trees is a way to do something which is both easy and effective," Mr Willis says.

“Trees are nature’s carbon scrubbing machines, millions of years in the making. They are the most efficient and cheapest option we have to soak up Trump’s ignorance,” Dr Price adds.

“We’re at 500,000 trees: it’s an absolute fraction of where we need to be, but it’s also 500,000 times more than when we put the first tree in the ground just a few months ago, and people were saying it couldn’t be done then, too.”


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